Friday, March 15, 2013

Nick and Nate Diaz Vegan Diet

Both mixed martial arts brothers, Nick and Nate Diaz, adhere to a primarily raw vegan diet, which is mostly raw foods. Nick Diaz is a strong believer in having a clean diet, and Nate switched over to vegan diet and noticed greater strength and endurance after doing so. Nick feels he recovers faster and is healthier on an organic diet. The Diaz diet includes vegetables, nuts, and grains, and in the past has also included fish, if it is organic. The foods which are omitted from their diet include gluten, dairy, genetically modified foods, both red and white meat, and substances such as fructose are also not welcomed in the diets of both Nick and Nate Diaz.

Nick stated in an interview with Fight Magazine years ago that he doesn't like red meat rotting in his stomach, it's full of pesticides, preservatives, and steroids; all this makes him get heart burn and other problems which he doesn't need when training. Nick has also said in the past that he wants to eat real food and consuming that makes him "not feel like s**t", and he has no interest in consuming fake food. Fake food, or mass produced food, has made him feel bad all day in the past and that is one of the reasons he is off of it now. 

Both Nick and Nate Diaz compete in triathlons, and a raw vegan diet helps them with that.  Nick also feels that it is hypocritical that since for smoking marijuana he is suspended while parents across the country feed their children meat which has been vaccinated. Alcohol is another thing that Nick avoids as feels it's not healthy for him, dehydrates his body, and limits his training. Marijuana however he feels does not have a negative impact on him as an athlete.

For Nate Diaz, who has competed at both 155 and 170 pounds, he has found it easier to cut weight after deleting gluten from his diet. The lack of gluten consumption has made the drop down to lightweight a much more simpler task and his energy levels have jolted up as a result. For the most part, Nate replicated the dietary practices which his older brother Nick has found work for him.



  1. Inspired me to try it. Nick is awesome i love him :-)

  2. I have a complete respect for Nick as an athlete, but I have to speak out as many things written here challenge my knowledge. Few lay people know little about anatomy and less on how their body actually works. The stomach is a sterile acid environment, an expanding sack that pours acid onto your food as it enters, it doesn't just sit there like a compost heap, and meat doesn't rot in the stomach nor does it cause heart burn.
    Reflux is caused by pressure, over eating exacerbates this as does anxiety and stress, marajuana smoke has been linked to GERD, food rots in the colon.